Guest Speaking For Organisations

Have you ever been to an event and wished they brought in a professional presenter? Or had to laugh at your bosses jokes as they were the appointed emcee for the night? Fell asleep in a lecture? In our fast paced, results driven world we can all use a little bit of nature to ground us, why not bring in a presenter who can both engage the audience and bring them a little closer to the natural world.

For the past decade Chris has been a Guest Lecturer giving presentations on topics ranging from Ecology to Wildlife Photography giving these presentations and sharing stories all over the world. His most requested presentation is covering his work life, his adventures and speaking to the images he has taken, but he has also been the Emcee for events such the National Geographic Photo Ark Series and for the Melbourne Zoos Conservation Film Festival. Let Chris bring his passion for the natural world and storytelling to your organisation, just let us now know what you’re interested in and how Chris can bring life to your event; If it’s emceeing, or a tailored presentation on anything from frogs to photography we’d love to hear from you.

Be warned, there is always a little comedy subliminally mixed into everyone of Chris’s presentations. If you want a laugh, just ask Chris about Nudibranch reproduction!

Did you know…

…that I give fun, nature-based presentations to schools and other organisations?

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