Hunter River & Prince Frederick Harbour

With Chris Cook

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We had the feeling we were being watched

What a day, Some people went off in Helicopters and others went on Zodiacs, but all got to experience a place that time forgot. There are few places that are considered to be “untouched,” but there are some pockets left around the world. Today we were travelling through one of those places, up the Hunter River and along the Prince Frederick Harbour. Hunter River certainly didn’t let anybody down. The red colours of the sandstone, the green belts of tree canopies, the browns from the mud and the flowing water looked like a living piece of art and we were cruising through it. We were able to see crocodiles pretty much instantly and they didn’t stop popping up the entire time. We were able to see them as they were warming up on the mud or in the water before they disappeared. I have no doubt there were many more that were watching us too, unboned to us. We were able to find a huge number of birds with the Osprey, Brahimny Kites, White Belly Sea Eagles and Azure King Fishers being the highlights! There were also a lot of Mud Skippers ( fish that live out of water up on the mud) that were put on an endless show, as the males were displaying their “sailfins” and fighting each other constantly for dominance

Croc keeping his eyes on the prize

Through out the day people were returning from their helicopter flights with smiles from ear to ear. Every body using similar words such as “Amazing” and “extraordinary,” so I’m going to trust they had a good time!

Thors Hammer

In the afternoon we went off on a zodiac expeditionary cruise, with an osprey’s nest with a breeding pair of birds in it being found and watched by all. I’m pretty sure they either had chicks or eggs in the nest at the time from their behavior. The highlight of the trip was the aptly named, “Thor’s Hammer.” The processes that made this were very hard to imagine, but it was a sight to bestow and a fantastic journey to get out to it.

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