School Workshops

Are you looking to create excitement around nature, science or the arts in your classroom? I’m sure you’ve experienced students being naturally drawn to people who bring a genuine enthusiasm for their work. With Chris’s passion for the natural world and storytelling,  it almost seemed his destiny to engage with students of all ages.

After the year that was 2020, many of us found a deeper appreciation for nature found close to our homes, sometimes in our very own backyards. Chris can tailor a presentation to tap into this intrigue and can create content relative to what you are teaching at the time or what interest your school has a particular interest in. 

Having Chris come to your school is so much more than just  a presentation, it’s more like an “in-cursion,” where students of all ages are left inspired by Chris’s passion for the natural world. We can offer presentations on a range of subjects from “Australian Native Flora and Fauna,” “Coral Reef Ecology,” “Conservation in Action,”  “Mangrove Ecosystems,” to “Career Motivation for Wildlife Enthusiasts,” he can tailor a presentation in alignment with your current curriculum. 

These events are far from a “sit and learn” experience, he also offers workshops where the students can gain hands-on skills to further appreciate the natural world. If it is a “Wildlife Photography Workshop” or a “Nature Immersion” experience, let us know if we can deliver a tailored workshop for your students.

Did you know…

…that I give fun, nature-based presentations to schools and other organisations?

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