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Let me set a scene for you. You’re walking deep into the jungle in Borneo, after your long trek you arrive at your destination and to your amazement you see wild Orangutans,  you have a great understanding of the role orangutans have in the ecosystem, you take some incredible photos that you will cherish forever, it is one of the best experiences of your life. The interesting part is your ability to take such images and knowledge on the area wasn’t there a week ago, so how did this happen? By travelling with a Naturalist who gave expert presentations on the ecosystem and wildlife photography on the journey you have been equipped with the ability to deeply connect with this natural wonder in a very small amount of time.

I’ve always felt like anyone can go on holiday and sometimes we need it,  but I have a great deal of respect for people who make the extra effort to genuinely connect to a location. In my experience it’s not about how long one spends in a location, but more about how they spend that time. If you want to truly connect to nature on your journey location, to be better immersed into it, the best way is to travel with a Naturalist or Guest Lecturer. 

Chris has worked as a Naturalist, a Marine Biologist, a Wildlife Photographer and an Expedition Leader in the ecotourism industry for over fifteen years. Combining the skills from this and his academic background, Chris has been working as a Guest Lecturer for over the past five years. These different roles have taken him all over the world with experience in locations including the Great Barrier Reef, along the Kimberley coast, circumnavigating Australia and New Zealand multiple times, Papua New Guinea, Africa, the Maldives, Canada, throughout  Asia including Borneo, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. In Recent years alot of his work has been across the remote islands of the South Pacific From Easter Island to French Polynesia.

With the changes to the world there are many questions around travel, but watch this space if you interested in joining Chris on an adventure. Chris will be has voyages booked as a Naturalist and Guest Lecturer in French Polynesia and on the Kimberley Coast in 2021. Let us know if you would like to join, or  even better yet, sign up to the Newsletter so we can keep you informed of upcoming trips and sharing the highlights of previous journeys.

Did you know…

…that I give fun, nature-based presentations to schools and other organisations?

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